The Coffs Coast Waste Services online pallet exchange has been established to promote the recycling of pallets. This website operates as an online information exchange that directly matches generators and recyclers of pallets within the Coffs Coast area.

Why? Pallets are often made of treated timber and cannot be composted. Instead of seeing them sent to landfill, we want to see them being re-used. As a bonus, your business could save money either by not having to pay for disposal of the pallets, or not having to purchase pallets.

Please note: The CCWS online pallet exchange is a tool to link those who have pallets with those who want pallets. CCWS is not responsible for any party who does not fulfill requests via the online pallet exchange.

This website is partly funded by the Bin Trim program, a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.